Jayne Backen

REIKI Master

Advanced Angelic Healer

Spiritual Healer and Teacher

in Adelaide

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About Me
- Reiki Teacher
- Reiki Practitioner
- Crystal Reiki Practitioner
- Advanced Angelic Healer
- Angelic Healing Practitioner Teacher
- Distance Healer
* Certified in all Modalities
* Member of the International Assoc. of Therapies (IAOTH)

The Power Of Reiki

Reiki is a gentle but pure energy which brings about deep relaxation and healing.

As a healing system, Reiki can be used for self-healing and for helping others to heal.

Reiki means `Universal life force energy' and treats the whole person including the body, mind and spirit and goes to the root of all disharmonies, our energy.

The Usui and Seichem System of Natural Healing is a beautiful combination. This Reiki originated from Japan brought to the Western culture by Buddhist monk Dr. Usui and from ancient Egypt (Seichem) brought to the Western Culture in the 1970's.

What Happens During A Reiki Session

I gently and intuitively place my hands on various positions for the Reiki energy to flow abundance. This energy goes to the physical, mental and emotional centre to shine a light of healing. I simply work as the channel for the energy.

The Benefits Of Reiki

Reiki is a natural and powerful method of spiritual healing and self improvement. It can help with anxiety, depression, emotional stress and addictions.

Reiki can improve results of all medical treatments by reducing side effects of pain, stress and healing time.

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Crystal Reiki And Crystal Reiki Grids

Specifically selected crystals are placed on and around the client to allow Reiki energy to flow through the crystals and then the client.

The crystals will address specific imbalances. This energy will create a state of presence that will access a higher level of consciousness and amplify the crystal energy so the desired outcome can be achieved.

Crystal Grids are based on the harmonic resonance of sacred geometry and are energetic transmitters. The Grid will assist in transmitting specific resonance with various energetic properties for the highest good of the client.

Angelic Healing

Angelic Healing works with the powerful healing energy of four of the Main Archangels and with your Guardian Angel. It is a divinely orchestrated process and I simply act as a channel for the energy.

Angelic Healing works on all four planes of the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual plane. You may experience release symptoms which are clearing negativity out of your body.

It will work on all aspects of your life and as you change so will your life.

Distance Healing

If you are unable to have the personal experience, any healing can be done from a distance. A specific time is allocated so that the client is relaxed and receptive to the healing. I will contact you afterwards to discuss the session.

Treatments and Costs

Initial Treatment with Consultation

$85 (approx. 75 mins)

Healing Session (Reiki, Crystal Reiki, Angelic)

$65 (60 mins)

Distance Healing

$55 (45 mins)

Courses and Costs

REIKI LEVEL 1 - Self Healing                                               $195

REIKI LEVEL 2 - PRACTITIONER                                     $225


* Please contact me for all the information regarding a course *

After completion of each Course, you will receive a booklet of essential information and a Certificate of Attainment.

Yours in Love and Light...


Jayne Backen

Warradale   5046


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I have learnt Reiki 1 with Jayne. The self healing was powerful as the intense arthritis in my hands that had been there for decades immediately greatly improved and continued to improve. Recently I learnt Reiki 2 and feel more empowered, spiritually stronger and still pain free in my hands.I definitely recommend Reiki to both receive and to give. It is a beautiful experience for myself and my family.

- Pat

Jayne is a beautiful soul inside and out and hence why the Angel Reiki session was powerful and amazing for me. She awakened my soul and totally empowered me with her professionalism and skills. Highly recommended, I could do this everyday.

- Diana

I have seen Jayne a couple of times now for both Reiki and recently an Angelic Healing. Jayne holds such a great space for these healings and I left feeling very calm and connected. Her use of crystals really complimented the process also. Afterwards she went through what she had received throughout the healing, talk to me about what I had felt and also explained about the angels that were present for me at the time. I would definitely recommend Jayne for anyone wanting a healing or treatment.

- Casey